Swimming Pool

Olympic quality swimming facilities in Cumnock, East Ayrshire.

Olympic-size pool on your doorstep

We have a Myrtha-lined swimming pool that’s 25 metres long and four lanes wide. The pool ranges from 0.9 metres at the shallow end to 1.8 metres at the deep end.  

The pool hall is glass-fronted, bringing a bright, outdoor feel to the space and helps control the climate in this environment. The pool is fully accessible with easy-access steps and a pool hoist is also available. There’s also a hedgehog styled water feature at the shallow end of the swimming pool. 

Child Admission Policy

When accessing the swimming pool, children under the age of four must always be accompanied by a responsible person (aged 16+) on a one-to-one basis. 

Children aged between four and seven must be accompanied by a responsible person (16+) on a maximum of two-children-to-one-adult basis. 

Children aged eight and over do not need adult supervision to access the pool.

Prices & booking

As a Visions member, you can get a FREE unlimited swim pass for fun or fitness. 

Adult Swim


Fun Swim




Child Swim


Under 5’s


Child Float Session


Children under the age of 16 can swim for free through the SHOUT swim initiative. This is available during school summer holidays only. For more information see Classes and Programs.